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Awesome Biohacking Devices - Healy Device There are simply as numerous women out there who wish to hack their way to maximum human efficiency as males. Here are a few game-changing biohacking devices and tools for women and males alike. Best Biohacking Devices, Tools, Utilities - The Healy Frequency Device Best biohacking tools & devices and products to optimize your life. The Healy machine is a popular, brand-new biohacking device that is taking the world by storm. It utilizes microcurrent therapy to resolve thousands of psychological and physical conditions. Here are alternatives: Cryotherapy or cold therapy is a biohacking technique that exposes the entire body to extremely cold temperature levels. Cryotherapy triggers extreme vasoconstriction throughout the body. When the body go back to typical temperature, there is a rush of blood back to the tissues, which brings with it lots of nutrients and minerals-- and gives you an endorphin rush. Need aid incorporating bi